Free Practice Checkup

What are your biggest priorities and goals? If making your practice more profitable and productive is near the top of the list, Straine Consulting is ready to help.


Unleash The Power In Just One Hour

The Free One-Hour Teleconference is delivered by a Certified Straine Consultant and is customized to each dentist’s unique practice management needs. Our sole purpose is to look at the challenges and opportunities that exist within your practice and explore the concepts available to you for increasing organizational and individual effectiveness. Topics of discussion in your one-hour telephone meeting may include:


Why Invest In Dental Consulting?

The struggling economy has created challenges that even the best financial analysts never saw coming. These economic challenges have been widespread across industries. Are you one of the many offices being impacted by employee turnover, decreases in production, low case acceptance, or reduction in cash flow? If so, let our team help you find ways to increase your profitability and efficiencies by incorporating best practices into your daily routines to become more efficient.

Straine Consulting can help your practice flourish by strengthening the connections between your team and your productivity and profits. Take advantage of this opportunity by calling us at 1-800-568-7200 or submitting a contact request now. Let’s get started!

The Straine Practice Analysis™

The Straine Practice Analysis™ is a custom-tailored report that provides valuable information on the efficiency and productivity of your dental practice. It encompasses several components, including:

Continuing Care Report »

This report illustrates hygiene capacity for existing patients of record, existing patients of record in periodontal maintenance, and existing patients of record for which you are unable to provide a hygiene appointment, a potential source to grow your practice.

Production Opportunity Report »

This report provides a visual representation of the growth potential that may exist from existing patients of record within your practice.

Collection Management Report »

This report illustrates the effectiveness of your financial policy, comparing year-to-date collection to year-to-date production.

Accounts Receivable Management Report »

This report illustrates the effectiveness of your financial policy, comparing accounts receivable to production for the month reported.