Success Stories

It’s by invitation only that we invite the following clients to share their success stories with you.  These distinguished practice owners possess an unquenchable drive to achieve results, the ability to take initiative, skills in collaboration and change management, and the emotional, social and practical intelligence to effectively lead their teams.  We respectfully recognize them as Industry Icons.



Robert Breault, DMD | Cromwell, Connecticut

“Since joining the Straine team I have developed more successful leadership skills and emotional intelligence. This has directly translated into a happier and healthier environment for my patients and staff and has allowed us to expand into a modern state of the art facility.”




James W. Childress, DDS | Davis, California

“Becoming a Straine client over 7 years ago was one of the best business decisions I have made in my 30 years of private practice. Gone are the days of management by crisis. Kerry Straine understands the business of dentistry and is an indispensable resource for my practice and me personally. Kerry and the entire Straine team have my highest endorsement. Any dental practice ready to achieve higher levels of satisfaction and production should give Straine a call.”


Kevin Clauser, DDS | North Tonawanda, New York

“In 2010, we increased collections by $134,892 (13%) and increased production by $46,720 (4%) with fewer doctor hours worked than 2009. In 2010, we also started a second practice. Since working with Straine, the biggest difference I’ve noticed is the systematic and disciplined approach to everything we do on a daily basis.”



Thomas Dudas, DMD | Leola, Pennsylvania

“Kerry Straine is brilliant! I felt Kerry and I had an instant connection because we have similar personalities. I trust him, so I take his advice and it’s paid off. When I started working with Straine, I was producing far less then I am now, and I continue to break records every year. My operatories have also shown an increase from two to seven. It’s all about putting the right systems in place, and that’s what Straine has taught me to do.”


Trey Harris, DMD | Greenville, South Carolina

“Kerry is awesome! I enjoy working with Straine because everyone is down to earth, and easy to reach. On top of this, my practice has seen a 20% increase in operatories and my production has increased by $3,000 a day. Not only have my numbers increased, but my staff is now a team! I’ve learned how to weed out the wrong people working for my practice, and keep the right staff.”



Jim Jeansonne, DDS | Gonzales, Louisiana

“The long term relationship I have with Straine is very gratifying. I’ve found someone who can answer every question I have about the dental industry. I respect Kerry‘s opinion because I’ve never asked him a question he didn’t know the answer to. If we apply what Straine recommends, then we can handle every problem.”




Ronald Rasi, DDS | Roseville, CA

“I have known Kerry Straine for over 8 years, I have seen him take my practice and quadruple its production during this time. WOW!! Thanks Kerry.”




Troy Schulman, DDS | Dunwoody, Georgia

“I started with Straine after transitioning from a partnership into a solo practice in 2009. I chose Straine because of their belief in systems and attitude toward managing a practice. They have guided us to better systems in our practice and we have enjoyed much success because of them. With Straine’s help not only has our production increased, but we also have matured as a team. It’s great having Straine part of our team.”


Kaz Uyesugi, DDS | San Jose, California

“My practice has doubled in production and collections since joining the Straine team in 2006. The most important thing that Kerry has taught me personally is that my practice should be system dependent, not people dependent. These systems ensure that you achieve control over your practice and help you attain your goals and vision daily. Kerry has developed the skills and tools to teach my team to work together to create a successful practice of high integrity and excellence.”