The Straine Story

We know from working with dental practitioners throughout the country how hard you have worked to master your technical skills. We understand that you have invested hundreds of thousands of your hard-earned dollars toward a commitment to provide the best dental care to your patients. We see dental practices throughout the country in modern facilities with high-tech equipment and well-paid staff that still fail every day.


Did they teach you in dental school how to operate your dental practice based on a business system that is implemented by people? At Straine, we know that your practice should be systems dependent, not people dependent. No matter how extraordinary the people are in your practice, for your practice to produce predictable and consistent outcomes the systems must do the work, and the people must operate the systems.


Most dental practices are in a state of chaos because they are organized around people rather than business systems. The heart of the Straine mythologies is truly about leadership. We teach our clients how to work on their practices, not in them. With the right systems in place, you can work every day in your practice with confidence – built on a foundation of predictable outcomes – because the system is running your practice.


That’s what the Straine Consulting is all about. Providing you with the system, the customized operating policies, benchmarking, training quantification, and feedback tools that you must have in order to own a practice that thrives and survives in spite of you, not because of you. You can achieve excellence, build a practice with integrity, and love practicing dentistry when you make the commitment to a leadership driven and systems-based environment. Let us help you get there.



Kerry K. Straine


Kerry K. Straine, Certified Professional Behavioral & Values Analyst, holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and has been in business and financial management for more than thirty years. It was Kerry’s education and experience in accounting that led to the development of The STRAINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM™, the premier platform that provides strategic planning, leadership and team development, policy and management system design, training, monitoring and coaching for dental professionals throughout the United States and Canada. Kerry’s contribution to the dental industry earned him the award for Best Practice Management Consultant in the nation in 2012.


As a Certified Professional Behavioral & Values Analyst, Kerry understands that behavior and attitude can help or hinder the strategic process and because of that knowledge he is able to assist dental professionals gain a better understanding of the complexity of strategic leadership. Kerry says about personal strategic leadership effectiveness, “Thinking strategically, acting decisively and in alignment with the practice’s strategy, and influencing others’ commitment to short- and long-range objectives is the essence of effective leadership. The STRAINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM™ provides the essential systems and processes that can improve the strategic functioning of a dental team.”


Kerry has also contributed to the dental industry with innovations such as the STRAINE PRACTICE ANALYSIS™, a window into the day-to-day operations of a dental practice that illuminates the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of existing strategies and systems. As an administrative reformer, Kerry recognizes the significance of each dentist’s unique clinical vision and standard of care, but says that “without a well-defined philosophy and sound management system, the business will fail to deliver on its owner’s promise or stand the test of time.”


Kerry’s approach is unique in that he does not limit his vision to dental practices, but rather links the role of education and leadership to every aspect within the dental industry. He and his wife Olivia write a quarterly article in Sidekick and the monthly Ask The Coach column in the Privileges eNewsletter. Kerry has participated in over 10,000 practice analyses, made more than 5,000 onsite visits to dental practices, and conducted more than 1,000 workshops and seminars to practice owners, dental staff and other dental professionals. In 2001 Henry Schein Dental selected Kerry as an instructor on leadership, laws of teamwork, communication, and practice management for its advanced professional education programs at Career Development 2 & 3.


To help Team Schein implement the tools and strategies taught at Career Development, Kerry created the STRAINE STUDY CLUB, offering assigned Coaches to work with Career Development graduates, empowering those desiring to distinguish themselves as leaders in the dental industry on a daily basis. Team Schein members can learn about the proven territory-building strategies and tools by attending Career Development and becoming a member of the STRAINE STUDY CLUB. Charismatic. Principled. Conscientious. Pioneering. Original.


Olivia McLeod Straine


Olivia McLeod Straine, Certified Professional Behavioral & Values Analyst, earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Hawaii in 1976 and after graduation returned to Sacramento where she immediately earned a California Real Estate Sales License. Four years later Olivia successfully completed the requirements for a California Real Estate Brokers License. Looking for greater challenges, Olivia returned to school and earned a second Bachelor of Arts in Communication from California State University, Sacramento, in 1984.


Prior to joining STRAINE in 1992, Olivia was a top producer for the largest and most prestigious real estate firm in Sacramento County for more than 17 years. In a company of more than 300 real estate agents, Olivia distinguished herself by earning membership into the company’s Board of Governors and Top Ten Percent. As a leader in the real estate community, Olivia also earned recognition by serving on the Ethics Committee at the Sacramento Board of Realtors.


As a student at California State University, Sacramento, Olivia won the prestigious six-month internship at KCRA TV in Sacramento where she mentored under Stan Atkinson, Sacramento’s most respected and well known evening anchor. After completing her internship, Olivia was chosen by KGNR Radio to host a four-hour Sunday afternoon real estate talk show that garnered rave reviews the year she hosted the show.


Olivia’s detailed and analytical style is the perfect complement to Kerry’s dynamic and entrepreneurial vision. This synergistic relationship firmly launched the STRAINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM™ as the premier practice management model in the nation today.


Olivia develops the concepts and writes the workbooks for the widely attended seminar and educational programs STRAINE offers. She is probably best known for writing the popular monthly Practice Tips™ and Ask The Coach column in Henry Schein Dental’s Privileges eNewsletter, which generate calls from clients each month thanking her for her insight, humor, and wisdom. Olivia developed and launched the STRAINE website in 1998 and is instrumental in developing tools that will streamline the way STRAINE clients interact with the company. Olivia also has an active relationship with the many strategic alliance partners STRAINE has developed the past two decades.