BIO: By Invitation Only — Amy Riley — Fresno, CA

Published on March 30, 2015

Amy-RileyAmy Riley has had a successful career working for Henry Schein as a Field Sales Consultant for the past twelve years.  She resides in Oakdale, California and works in Henry Schein’s Fresno, California Center.  Her Fresno dental practices are thriving and Amy appreciates the relationships she has built with her customers. “I love working in Fresno, because the dental professionals are very down to earth.  My customers become friends.  They are all genuine and hard-working people with successful businesses.”

These relationships have helped place Amy in the top 20% at Henry Schein for over three years, which makes her a consistent leader in sales.  Amy is grateful for her career and looks forward to growing it even more.  “I feel very fortunate that I work for the company I do.  Working with Henry Schein is one of the best gifts that I have in my life.  I’ve had the ability and flexibility to support my family and also spend time with them and that’s very important to me.”  Amy’s mother taught her to put family first and that’s exactly what she does.  Amy is married to Rod, a Modesto firefighter, and they have three young children together, five-year old Garrett, three-year old Reece, and one-year old Carter.  Amy enjoys every minute of being a mother since she considers her family her greatest achievement.

As a working mom Amy manages many challenges, so a phrase you’ll often hear her say is “I’ll take care of it.”  When Amy is not taking care of her family or work, she is either at the gym, running, bike riding, or lifting weights.  Amy excels at any activity that uses her athletic abilities.

Amy knows she isn’t perfect, but strives to live by what her father taught her:  “Be true to what you believe in, no matter what.” Amy stays true to her family, faith, and career and exemplifies the proverb, “Do your best, and never give up.”  Sometimes Amy feels she puts too much pressure on herself to do well when it comes to her job performance.  This pressure stems from caring about her customers and wanting to help them.

“I have a soft heart … my heart hurts for people in pain … especially for doctors who are struggling with their practices.  I don’t have all the answers, but I know I can always refer my customers to Straine for the answers I don’t have.”

Relying on Henry Schein and Straine Consulting as tools she can count on, Amy plans to continue helping her customers achieve their goals for many years to come with hard work and a tender heart.

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