BIO: By Invitation Only — Bill Oakes — Atlanta, GA

Published on March 30, 2015

Bill-OakesBill Oakes earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from the University of Kansas before beginning his career with Henry Schein as a Field Sales Consultant in the Atlanta, Georgia Center.  Bill says he loves his territory because his customers are such a diverse group of dental professionals and that he’s able to provide exceptional service to them with the help of Team Schein, “I work for a great Center that drives my success.  My regional manager, Scott Carringer, is 100% behind me and supports my efforts.  Nobody wants me to succeed more than Scott.  This gives me a tremendous amount of confidence!  I also have a wonderful friend and mentor in Kirk Greenway.  Kirk is a wealth of knowledge and full of innovative and fun ideas.  It’s great to have a colleague like Kirk to bounce ideas off.”  Bill earns the loyalty of his customers by always being available, so they’ll often hear him say, “Call me if you need me!”

Even though Bill is there to give a helping hand, most people would be surprised to learn that he’s a private person.  However, he makes it known that his greatest achievement is being “Dad” to his fifteen-year old daughter, Caitlin.  Bill enjoys quality time with Caitlin, riding his Harley Davidson and hosting barbeques with friends.  When you’re around Bill it’s impossible not to notice his sense of humor and contagious smile.  Bill says his smile is even harder to contain when he helps his customers reach their goals, “My greatest satisfaction comes from helping.  Nothing is more exciting than seeing a practice that was struggling, turn the corner and begin to grow and prosper.  It’s amazing to witness the attitudes and behaviors of the staff and the doctor become infinitely more positive.  The excitement is contagious!  It’s fun and exhilarating to help a practice that’s already established grow even further to the next level of success!”  This is why Bill’s motto is, “I’m here to help you succeed!”

After witnessing the success Kerry Straine had helping other dentists improve their practices, Bill decided he could also make a positive difference by partnering with Straine, “I have discovered the key to success is embracing change instead of resisting it.  Either way change is coming, so get on board early!  Minor changes in attitudes and behaviors produce huge results.  Success comes as a result of very small but critical changes and tweaks within the practice.  Usually the difference between a good dental practice and a great one can be directly correlated to a few, very small differences in attitudes, behaviors and methods.”  Bill believes working with Straine Consulting is an easy decision that benefits everyone.  Bill also has the rare distinction of being only one of twelve 2011 Project HOPE recipients from Straine!  Read what Bill said about Straine in the Henry Schein TIPs of the Week:  Improve Profitability.

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