BIO: By Invitation Only — Debbie Hensley — Lexington, KY

Published on April 7, 2015

Debbie-HensleyIn 1983 Debbie Hensley graduated with honors from Marshall University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marketing and Distributive Education.  Debbie’s love for the dental industry led her to begin working for a small dental company right out of college.  She has spent the past four years building a successful career as a Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant at the Lexington, Kentucky Center.  Debbie says, “I consider my career in the dental industry a wonderful experience and I’m thankful to hold a position at an amazing company like Henry Schein.”

Debbie enjoys spending time outdoors, and during her time away from work you’ll find her swimming, gardening, or traveling to scenic routes.  Debbie isn’t afraid of adrenaline-filled activities either, “I’ve been whitewater rafting, skydiving, scuba diving and hiking in the Grand Canyon.”  It’s obvious that Debbie loves the outdoors, but you may not know she’s an animal lover too.  Not only does Debbie own dogs and cats, but she rescues them, “I bring home stray animals and place ads in the paper to find them good homes.  Some of my dental practices have even adopted rescues from me.”

When Debbie isn’t rescuing animals, she’s spending time with her friends and family, “My greatest achievement is my twenty- seven year marriage to my husband, Ray.”  Debbie also cherishes her childhood memories that include going on family outings with her mother, father and six siblings.  Debbie was raised in Miami, Florida by parents who taught her the importance of versatility and love.  When you’re in Debbie’s presence, she exudes warmth and love but she has a hard time embracing those who are deceitful or irresponsible.

Debbie is most enthusiastic when arranging continuing education events in her territory, “I truly love organizing and promoting continuing education courses for my customers.  My most successful event to date featured Kerry Straine: we filled the entire room!”  Debbie believes she expands her customers’ knowledge and opportunities when she refers them to Straine, “I also work closely with Straine Consultant, Linda Kiss.  I’m very impressed with the information and support she gives to my customers.  Her knowledge of DISC, the universal language of observable human behavior, gives dental offices a tremendous amount of insight about themselves and each other.  Linda is awesome, and of course, Kerry is too!”

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