BIO: By Invitation Only — Jack Abrams — Lagrangeville, NY

Published on April 14, 2015

Jack AbramsJack Abrams received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication from the University of Buffalo and earned a certificate in Public Relations from Millard Fillmore College.  After college, Jack began a career in the Automotive Aftermarket where he was a top producer for several corporate brands.  In 1992 Jack traded ball joints and brakes for impression material and Lidocaine.  In 2000 he joined Henry Schein Dental (Sullivan Schein Dental).  Jack has ranked in the top 5% for seven of his twelve years with Henry Schein and has never fallen below 10% in his corporate ranking.  Jack says, “I’m very passionate about my career and my customer’s success.  I truly care about my clients and try to influence them in a positive way.  I am all about trajectory!  I can be patient but we have to be growing and improving all the time.  I also believe that everyone in the relationship must win.  There should never be an unhappy customer!”

Jack not only helps his customers, but he also gives liberally of his time to other areas within the dental community, especially at Henry Schein.  Jack is known as a corporate catalyst of sorts.  Jack served on Henry Schein’s S.W.O.T. advisory team for six years and worked on some of the best initiatives to come down the pike.  He was on the team that created the Customer Benefit Statement and he helped develop the Privileges loyalty program.  Jack was also instrumental in helping to develop new tools/functions for Aruba and encouraged top field representatives to embrace electronic ordering when it was not in vogue.  Jack was asked to partake in the first new product council meeting with other corporate managers and conceptual field reps.  He has collaborated with Schein’s IT department regarding the corporate website and the Customer Analysis Tool (C.A.T.).  Some of Jack’s most memorable responsibilities are when he worked with a team of people to roll out a few corporate initiatives and integrations for: Arestin, Colgate, DemandForce, Snap-On Smile and Social Media Champions.  Jack is especially proud of the two blogs he writes: The Abrams Report and Everything Dental Blog.  While similar in content, the two blogs have different audiences and capture several thousand readers every month!

Even though Jack devotes much of his time to work, he also makes time for family. Jack and his wife Jill are married twenty five years!  They are proud parents of twenty-two year old Danielle and eighteen-year old Jordan.  Danielle is a senior at the University of Buffalo and Jordan is a freshman at the University of Delaware.  Jack is very proud of his children and says “If there were more people like my kids, the world would be a better place.  It’s not because they‘re good looking and intelligent.  It’s because they are confident, competent and kind.  They respect their elders and appreciate the diversity and differences in people.  They are ambitious and competitive but also civic minded.”

Jack admires people who possess confidence, humility, integrity and honesty.  Jack’s mother emphasized the value of honesty, so you’ll often hear him say, “The fact of the matter is …,” or “Truth be told.”  Jack takes a no-nonsense approach both in his personal and professional life.  “Since I began working with Straine, I’ve learned that nothing measured is nothing gained.  If my customers don’t analyze their productivity, they won’t know where to put their resources.”

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