BIO: By Invitation Only — Karen McPartlin — Detroit, MI

Published on April 10, 2015

Karen's-BestKaren McPartlin graduated from Ferris State University in 1984 with an Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration.  Karen has spent the past eight years as a Field Sales Consultant for Henry Schein and considers it her greatest achievement.  “I left an eighteen-year career in dental hygiene to pursue a career in sales.  When I left hygiene to break into dental sales, I was told I needed experience first.  I took the insurance exam and worked in the long-term care field for eighteen months, then went back to the manager at Henry Schein and informed him that I acted on his advice and had gained experience.  He hired me!”  Karen has flourished as a Field Sales Consultant for the Detroit, Michigan region, even though “The economy has been a difficult obstacle for this area.  Despite the challenging economy, many doctors have pushed forward.  It hasn’t been easy, but their fighting spirit has prevailed.  The spirit of Detroit is unique!”

Karen is grateful for all her relationships, saying “I appreciate all walks of life, from my family and friends, to my customers.  We are faced with so many opportunities each day and you gain so much when you recognize them and take advantage of them.”  Karen admires her husband Tom for seizing every moment and for being a wonderful man with a huge heart.  Karen and Tom are proud parents of sons J.T. and Jake, and daughter Katie, “I absolutely cherish time spent with my family.  I love when we hang out together, whether we are vacationing or just spending time with one another.”  Karen has always been family oriented.  As a child, she enjoyed spending time with her parents and siblings at a cottage in Northern Michigan.  She describes her father as a “strong man who has always demonstrated determination and commitment throughout my life.”  Karen also shared a close bond with her mother, “My mother was a person everyone felt safe and comfortable with.  She taught me about spirituality, determination, and pure simple love.  She passed away fourteen years ago.  I miss her each and every day.  My mother was my best friend.”

Karen surrounds herself with people who are honest and sensitive, “I trust those who are open with me in a considerate and kind manner.  A person can be open and frank, but if they are not considerate then they loseme.”  Karen is frank about the love she has for her career, “I learn something new every day in this business.  Henry Schein is committed to continued learning and giving us the opportunity to work with Kerry Straine and his organization and Career Development.  When my doctors work with Team Straine, they become more successful.  When they are successful, so am I.  It’s a win-win situation!”

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