BIO: By Invitation Only — Kerri Shine — St. Louis, MO

Published on March 30, 2015

Kerri Crowell -- BestKerri Shine has held the title of Field Sales Consultant at the Henry Schein St. Louis, Missouri center for the past four years.  Kerri believes that providing exceptional service to her customers and generating new business are her distinguishing characteristics.  Kerri takes pride in her work, but what give her joy are her children … Heather, Holly, and Nicholas.  Kerri believes true happiness comes from raising successful children and having a fulfilling career.

“Work smarter, not harder,” is the saying Kerri aspires to and she teaches her customers to do the same by offering them solutions for their equipment needs and referring them to Straine Consulting for leadership development.  According to Kerri, being organized is an essential component of success; therefore, she has little tolerance for clutter and an unorganized work space.  You won’t see Kerri getting upset about her pet peeve, though, because her mother taught her the importance of patience.  “My mother always told me that patience is a virtue,” says Kerri.

As a young girl Kerri spent much of her time competing in gymnastics.  This provided the channel for her to begin manifesting the strong work ethic she learned from her father.  Kerri’s father taught her not only to work hard, but to be a genuine person.  When describing herself, Kerri says “What you see is what you get.”  There’s no need to beat around the bush when communicating with Kerri, and her customers and friends know they inspire her confidence by being straightforward.  “Honesty and good eye contact are qualities that earn my trust,” explains Kerri.  However, she is the first to admit that at times she can be too trusting.

Kerri works hard and plays hard.  When not at work you’ll find Kerri dancing, riding motorcycles, listening to music, or reading books like The Compassionate Samurai: Being Extraordinary in an Ordinary World, by Brian Klemmer.  This book gives pointers on how to be a person who achieves goals while maintaining a high level of ethics.  Kerri is exactly this type of person … patiently achieving her goals while remaining honest and ethical throughout the process.  Kerri says she is also assisting her customers to achieve their goals with the help of Straine Consulting:  “Straine Consulting cares about my customers, which provides the added benefit of bringing me closer to them as well.  As Straine helps my doctors become more productive and profitable, I am able to build a more personal and powerful relationship with them.”

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