BIO: By Invitation Only — Kimberly Smith — Detroit, MI

Published on April 8, 2015

Kimberly-Smith---Full-BodyKimberly Smith, known as “Kim,” graduated in 2005 from Miami University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and in 2008 earned a Masters Degree in Sport Studies with an emphasis on Sociology, Kinesiology, Health and Education.  Kim says, “This is where I developed my passionate interest in the behavior of people and groups in society.  My curiosity was deepened in school about why things are the way they are and how our experiences shape our reality, the decisions we make and how we relate to the world around us.  I believe learning is a continual process!”  After college, Kim put her skills to use and worked for Nestle, Steelcase and played semi-professional basketball for Flint Flames Women’s Basketball Team before joining Henry Schein as a Field Sales Consultant at the Detroit, Michigan Center.  Kim admires her region’s resilience, “The uniqueness of my territory is due largely in part to the current recession and the toll it has taken on the “Big Three” automakers.  Many of my customers have lost patients due to a large portion of their patient base being employed by this industry.  Although this particular situation paints a daunting picture, it also presents an opportunity for Henry Schein to provide its customers with added value.  I truly love what I do!”

Kim loves and respects her family and friends, “I admire my late grandmother, Virginia Bell Smith.  No matter what she was going through, she always had a positive outlook.  I also have great admiration for my father and mother.  I’ve paid close attention to the things my dad has done and I’ve noticed that he always does his absolute best.  My mother taught me to stand up for what I believe and not to let anyone treat me disrespectfully.”  Kim is close to siblings Gregory, Tracey, Ebony and Matthew.  Her favorite childhood memories consist of making up games to play with her brothers and sisters, “We would go to the basement and play Make Me Laugh, doing anything to make each other laugh, which was absolutely hilarious and so much fun for us.”  Kim has never lost her sense of humor.  When she played college basketball, Kim made up songs and sang them to her team during preseason conditioning.  “This would take some of the edge off when we were in mentally and physically challenging situations.  I would do anything to get my teammates to laugh.  I believe that you have to have humor in life.”

Even though Kim has a great sense of humor, she takes her career seriously: “My motto since joining Henry Schein is I can; I shall; I will.  I combat the challenges I face in my territory with positive self talk, and positive affirmations coupled with visualizing myself accomplishing each goal.”  Kim credits Regional Manager Mike Trautman and Straine Consulting for helping her achieve her goals.  “The Straine Practice Analysis™, along with other tools Henry Schein provides, has given me more confidence when I have meetings with my customers about improving their practice.  My desire to learn more about the dental industry grows every day that I work with Straine!”

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