BIO: By Invitation Only — Kirk Greenway — Greenville, SC

Published on March 24, 2015

Kirk-GreenwayAs the son of a dentist, Kirk Greenway has been in the dental community all his life, therefore it’s no surprise that his career would lead him to the dental industry.  A graduate of East Tennessee State University, Kirk has been working in dental sales his entire career.  Nine years ago he joined Henry Schein as a Field Sales Consultant serving the upstate region of South Carolina.

What’s most notable – and most challenging – about Kirk’s territory is that Patterson Dental has more than 85% of the market share, but Kirk takes the disadvantage in stride.  “We have a totally different style of business,” explains Kirk, “at Schein we have a lot of focus on career development and partnering with our doctors.  If I can help my customers achieve their goals, they in turn help me achieve mine.”

Henry Schein’s Career Development training, in conjunction with Straine Consulting’s leadership courses, have been of tremendous value to Greenway’s business education.  “The most important concept I’ve learned from Straine is the significance of leadership in the way you manage yourself and conduct business,” explains Kirk.  “It’s about building credibility, so that you can truly help other people achieve their goals.  It’s much more gratifying than just driving around and picking up orders.”

Speaking of driving, Kirk sometimes wishes residents of his territory would be more mindful of the rules of the road.  His pet peeve is people who drive slowly in the passing lane, which explains his most overused phrase: “Get the hell out of the left lane!”

Kirk’s father – a self-made and well-respected man who built his own successful dental practice – is the person he most admires, and he considers his own family his greatest achievement.  “I’m a family man at heart and I’ve always aspired to be part of something great,” he says.  “When you become a parent you quickly realize that opportunity is before you.”  Kirk’s idea of perfect happiness is vacationing with his wife, Laurie, and three kids – and sneaking in a few rounds of golf, of course!  Kirk gets to fulfill his vision of perfect happiness next month in Pebble Beach, where he and Laurie will be spending three days golfing and enjoying Pebble Beach as a result of winning Straine’s Project HOPE Reward.

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