BIO: By Invitation Only — Marc Zdrojewski — Canada Region

Published on May 26, 2015

Marc-ZdrojewskiMarc Zdrojewski graduated from Kansas State University in 2001 with a Business Administration Degree in Management Information Systems.  Marc also played football for Kansas State University and is still a loyal fan, “I would love for them win a National Title!  They haven’t yet but are on track to making it happen!”

Marc paid his way through college and paid his dues at Henry Schein when he began his career t three years as an E4D Specialist.  In 2012 he was named Regional Manager at the Chicago, Illinois Center and won the award for Number One DentaCheques Sales.  “I love being a Manager because I enjoy the process of overcoming challenges with proactive and positive solutions and embracing every opportunity.”  Marc recently accepted the Henry Schein Branch Manager position for the Canada region.

Marc credits his mother for teaching him to have a strong work ethic and the will to never give up, “I admire her perseverance and uncanny ability to raise three sons on her own.”  Marc encourages others to strive to be their best, “No matter what you’re doing with your life, it’s so important to push yourself to be better.  My pet peeve is when I see people who don’t help themselves.  Everyone is capable of achieving what they want.”

When people first meet Marc, he says they notice his loud voice, “I like to greet people with a ‘high five’ and say ‘Boom Cat!’”  Marc has an outgoing, fun-loving attitude and is an open book, “I’m very open and honest with people and I respect those who are loyal and honest with me.  I’m a straight shooter with people, yet I believe it is also important to treat others with consideration and respect.  I have a hard time tolerating bullies.”

Marc doesn’t hide his love for golf or his determination to be a Straine 2013 Project HOPE winner, “Golfing is by far one of my favorite sports, so I’m working on attending the Pebble Beach trip next year.  We’re going to continue to refer our customers to Straine, so we make sure we’re offering them not just great supplies but an opportunity to evaluate their practice goals and most importantly achieve them.”

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