BIO: By Invitation Only — Michael Kamp — Indianapolis, IA

Published on August 14, 2014


Since 2004 Michael Kamp’s career has been growing with Henry Schein.  As a Field Sales Consultant for nearly five years, Michael earned the E-Business Award for his ability to generate sales through online orders.  Michael’s hard work not only earned him an award, but also in 2009 he was promoted to Regional Manager at the Henry Schein Indianapolis, Indiana Center.  Michael says becoming a Regional Manager for Henry Schein is one of his greatest achievements.  Before becoming a member of the Henry Schein team, Michael excelled as a student at DePauw University where he graduated with Bachelor Degrees in Communications and Economics.  Michael’s passion for learning also motivated him to earn a Masters Degree in Information and Communication Science at Ball State University.

During his college years, Michael worked hard both in the classroom and on the basketball court.  He played for the DePauw University men’s basketball team, but this would come as no surprise to anyone who knew Michael as a child, because as a young boy he was rarely seen without a basketball.  Michael not only loves basketball, but he also has a passion for playing golf.  Michael and his wife Darci are also the proud parents of a daughter named Taylor and triplets Ethan, Emi and Lucas.  Now that Michael is a parent he has a chance to pass on the lessons he learned from his parents.  Michael’s father taught him to treat people the way you want to be treated and his mother instilled in him the importance of loving unconditionally.  These are the qualities that have shaped Michael as a husband and father.

Michael leads by example and admires other honest and hard-working leaders like Kerry Straine.  Michael values his relationship with Straine Consulting because the partnership teaches him new ways to help customers.  Michael explains, “Kerry Straine taught me that I have the ability to impact each customer’s success.  I can help them with facility design and equipment purchases, but also with other important aspects of managing and leading their business.  By referring to Straine, I can help every customer in my region grow their practice, and reach their goals.”

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