BIO: By Invitation Only — Michelle Turner — Raleigh, NC

Published on June 22, 2015

Turner----Full-BodyIn 1992 Michelle Turner graduated from Meredith College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and since 2006 has built a successful career as a Field Sales Consultant for Henry Schein Dental in its Raleigh, North Carolina Center.  Before joining HSD Michelle owned a retail store of hand-crafted items from around the world named Pangea, which translates to “all Earth” from its Greek roots.  Michelle says, “I loved the name because the store sort of brought the world together as one.”  It’s no surprise then that Michelle’s passion for “bringing the world together” earned her the Triple Crown Award for top sales growth three years in a row “from the great small towns and wonderful people in Eastern North Carolina.”

When Michelle is away from work, she enjoys exercising and spending time with friends and family.  Michelle and husband Todd are proud parents of two daughters named Mary Gretchen and Stella.  Although Michelle is passionate about people, she also needs time to reflect, refresh and recharge with alone time, “I’m at my best when I’m able to maintain a balance between family, friends and time for myself.”

No matter what obstacles come her way, Michelle is known for always maintaining a positive attitude.  She says, “A healthy attitude is contagious, but don’t wait to catch it from others.  Be a carrier!” Michelle admires others who remain positive and says that beauty is only skin deep, “We seem to put too much emphasis on a person’s outside beauty and often miss the true beauty that’s in a person’s heart and soul.”

Michelle’s father taught her to remain humble while her mother taught her determination.  This explains why Michelle identifies with Katherine Hepburn, noting “Her lifestyle was unconventional for the time and her determination and talent helped to expand traditional views of women’s roles in society.”  Michelle also admires her grandmother who she describes as, “A woman who can do anything.”

Michelle says she’ll do anything to help her customers reach their goals, “What I enjoy most are the relationships I develop with my practices.  Dentistry is always changing and Henry Schein equips us with new information and tools to help our practices grow.  Kerry Straine has helped me become proficient with more complex tools like the DPAT.  Working with Straine has shown me that I can guide my customers to even greater levels of success as long as I use the tools that have been given to me.”

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