BIO: By Invitation Only — Nate Thompson — San Antonio, TX

Published on April 16, 2015

Nate-Thompson---No-BackgrouNate Thompson joined Henry Schein three years ago as a Field Sales Consultant at its San Antonio, Texas Center where for three consecutive years he’s earned the award for Top 10 Star on the Rise.  Before launching a successful career with Henry Schein, Nate attended Texas State University and graduated in December 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Business.

When asked to name his greatest accomplishment, Nate admits to having quite a few, “I’m very proud that I earned a scholarship to Texas Christian University, which set the stage for something pretty amazing four years later.  T. Boone Pickens gave the commencement speech at my graduation and I happened to have my resume with me, which I was able to hand to him.  I was impressed that he responded with a personal letter that I now have framed in my office.  I’ve had the privilege of working for two State Representatives and Congressman Lloyd Doggett, and was the youngest employee ever at my prior firm to work with our biggest client, Goldman Sachs.  As a youngster I was cast in the Disney move The Big Green, worked two jobs and still graduated at the top of my college class.  Probably my greatest achievement has been succeeding despite the loss of both parents by age nineteen.”

At the age of two Nate lost his father, yet he says his childhood was filled with fond memories, “Growing up I loved spending time with my mother and brother, playing soccer on Saturdays, followed by long dinners and conversations with family.”  Nate shared a close bond with his mother and admires her strength, “My mother taught me to work hard and that you can have whatever you want if you apply yourself.  She also said to be honest, give back and keep an open heart and mind.”  Nate does just that by volunteering and organizing teams for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer foundation in honor of his late mother.

Nate is known for his ambition, great listening skills and exceptional customer service.  He’s grateful for the partnerships he’s built while establishing a career at Henry Schein, “Straine has taught me the importance of accountability and that it takes the entire team to meet the goals in a dental practice … team work truly makes the dream work!  You cannot assume or presume.  I am blessed to work with a great alliance partner, company and customers.  I planned on being an attorney, taking my LSAT in 2009, then met Henry Schein and you see how that has turned out!”

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