BIO: By Invitation Only — Patrick Hill — Valdosta, GA

Published on July 31, 2014

BIO---Patrick-HillPatrick Hill is a Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant living in Valdosta, Georgia and working for the Jacksonville, Florida Center. Patrick has used his exceptional people skills to bring success to Henry Schein and Straine Consulting. Prior to working for Henry Schein, Patrick earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Public Relations from Valdosta State University. Patrick’s education, outgoing personality and integrity have helped him build strong relationships with his customers. Patrick explains, “Customers have to believe in you and trust you. My customers tell me that they know I have their best interests at heart, and they know I’ll be upfront with them.”

Patrick’s grandfather, The Reverend James Keen, a Baptist Preacher, taught him the importance of honesty, hard work and respect. Patrick says, “I enjoy seeing the people around me happy especially when I add value to a doctor’s practice and have a hand in their success.” Customers can expect quick decisions from Patrick since he is a man who tells it like it is and knows what he wants. This was never more evident than when Patrick met Ellen, the woman he knew he wanted to marry and start a family with from the very start. These days Patrick and Ellen enjoy their time together and the company of their four-year old son, Jackson.

Patrick is recognized as a hard-working family man, but most people don’t know that he is also a singer; in college Patrick was a member of a gospel group. On the other hand, everyone knows Patrick is a huge sports fan. In fact, Patrick faithfully attends every University of Georgia football home game. Patrick enjoys the energy of the large crowds that gather during football season, proclaiming, “On game day, you’ll find 150,000 people in town!”

Combining a happy family and a successful career bring Patrick the most joy. Patrick explains it best, “I have a great life and I’m blessed beyond reason. I have a beautiful wife and a fantastic son. I work for the best company in the industry. Henry Schein offers me and my customers an unbelievable network of ESSs, ESTs, and support staff to guarantee the right outcome. I work hard every day to make sure that my customers get the best that we can give.” Patrick says he also appreciates the help he gets from his manager, Henry Cauthen, a man who “leads by example,” and has “a relentless drive to help others.” Patrick says that “my manager’s leadership has inspired me to do the same.” At Career Development, Patrick became an avid student of Straine Consulting principles, stating, “You can go into a practice and do the same thing and be the same salesman. Or you can learn to stretch outside your comfort zone, so you can achieve goals in new ways and be more successful.” Patrick has done such a great job of “stretching” that he is one of just six winners of Straine’s 2010 Project HOPE Award. Patrick says, “I’ve learned that it’s all about helping my customers reach their goals.”

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