BIO: By Invitation Only — Richard Edwards — Raleigh, NC

Published on March 30, 2015

Richard-EdwardsRichard Edwards resides in Wilmington, North Carolina and is a Field Sales Consultant for the Raleigh, North Carolina Henry Schein Center.  Richard is passionate about servicing his territory, which primarily encompasses the coastal communities.  Richard has been with Henry Schein for six years and earned the number one rep award in South Carolina.  Richard worked hard before joining Henry Schein by earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Marketing from Greensboro College.

Richard believes it’s important to work hard and play hard, so on his time off you’ll find him occupied with numerous hobbies that include fishing, golfing, hunting and reading.  Richard and his wife Jessica are expecting their first child on August 1, so he’s currently reading How To Make A Pregnant Woman Happy by Uzzi Reiss.  They are thrilled to announce it’s a girl who they’ll name Maggie Jean Edwards.  Richard says Jessica will be a wonderful mother, “She is strong, confident and beautiful.  I admire her willingness to be the best at every thing she does.”  Becoming a father will be a new chapter for Richard, and he intends to follow the example set by his father, “I admire him for both his personal and business success.“

Richard’s favorite activity as a child was water skiing at Lake Waccamaw with his friends and parents.  His mother and father not only taught him how to water ski, but also the importance of staying grounded in life and working hard to achieve goals.  Richard is a reliable hard worker who respects others who work hard and show up on time.  You’ll earn his trust by maintaining good eye contact and positive body language.

Most people know Richard is loyal and works hard, but people may not realize he has a sensitive side.  Since working with Straine Consulting, Richard says he’s learned that helping others succeed in their goals is the greatest reward, “Life is important to me and the people with whom I am surrounded by.  I value family and friendships very much.  I care for everyone and want everyone to be successful and happy.  I enjoy winning in life and business as well as the challenges life brings every day.”

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