BIO: By Invitation Only — Robbie Schureman — Richmond, VA

Published on June 22, 2015

SchuremanRobbie Schureman, also known as “the Schureminator,” began his career in the dental industry as a manager for the dental supply store at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry. After managing the store for sixteen years, Robbie decided to make a career change and join the Henry Schein team as a Field Sales Consultant at the Richmond Virginia Center.  Robbie has spent the past four years devoting his time to serving his customers, “Many of the students I knew from the Virginia Commonwealth University have become dentists and are now my customers.  They really are more than my customers, they are my business partners.  I believe in building their practices and it’s my job to help their business grow.”

Robbie is a strong believer in giving back to his community.  He earned the 2010 Henry Schein Cares Award and the Henry Schein Social Responsibility Award for the Atlantic Coast in 2012.  Robbie is the Vice President of the Virginia Dental Association Foundation and the Liaison for Missions of Mercy, which provides free dental care to those in need, “My greatest achievement is getting involved with Missions of Mercy.  I’m very passionate about giving back and having a positive influence on people’s lives.”  Robbie admires Missions of Mercy Founder and VDA Executive Director, Dr. Terry Dickinson, and Henry Schein Vice President of Global Professional relations, Steve Kess, for their commitment to serving others, “I would describe them as amazing, good-hearted and giving individuals, role models for all of us in the dental industry.”

Robbie learned the importance of helping others from his parents.  As a child he enjoyed the close bond he shared with his mother and father, “I have fond memories of going fishing with my father on Kent Lake.  It’s a tradition I’ve carried on with my own family.”  Robbie cherishes quality time with his wife Karen, their thirteen-year old son Joey and eleven-year old daughter Hannah, “I have a great family, I love my job and I have a Harley Davidson Motorcycle I love to ride.  I have a great life!”

Even though Robbie is grateful for his many blessings, he says there’s always room for improvement, “No one knows everything.  Everyday there’s room to grow and learn.”  Since he began working with Straine Consulting, Robbie has expanded his knowledge of the dental industry, “I’m not an expert on Practice Management, but I learn something new every time I’m on a conference call with one of my customers and a Straine Consultant.”  Robbie encourages his customers to embrace change in order to reach their goals, “I can give them the best hammer in the world, but I can’t make them swing it.  When my customers apply the advice given to them by Straine, I see their practices grow.  If they swing the hammer, the nail will be driven!”

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