BIO: By Invitation Only — Scott Bauer — Indianapolis, IN

Published on March 31, 2015

Scott-BauerScott Bauer graduated in 2004 from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership and Supervision.  Before receiving his degree, Scott entered the Navy and earned the US Navy Sailor of the Year award.  Scott’s honors continued in 2008 when he was selected as Patterson Dental’s Rookie of the Year.  Scott has spent the past two years passionately serving the Indianapolis, Indiana region as a Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant.  He’s able to connect with his customers since they share the same values, “We set goals and strive to achieve them.”

People who know Scott would describe him as a man who is persistent, but they may not realize he’s also a perfectionist who strives to get things done exactly how he envisions the outcome.  Scott believes ability is overrated and there’s no limit to what can be accomplished when you’re focused and determined.  Scott’s father always told him “Get and do what you want.  No one can stop you.”  His mother taught him to trust and care for others.  Scott says, “I enjoy volunteering at my church and I like to help people who work hard, but don’t have the resources I have.”

Scott is grateful for his supportive wife, Amy, who he describes as an amazing mother to their four-year old daughter, Brooke, and two-year old son, Bryce.  Family is what matters most to Scott, “I’ve been married for seven years to my college sweetheart and I can’t say ‘no’ to my children.  When it comes to them, I’m definitely a sucker.”  Scott might be a sucker as a father, but not as a consumer.  You’ll often hear him say, “A better price doesn’t equal a better value.”

Since Scott started working with Straine, he’s learned that you don’t know what you don’t know, “About 25% of my customers wanted to explore what Straine could do for them when I presented it to them.  The need was there, but I just didn’t know it!”  As a result of his client referrals, Scott is one of the 2011 Project HOPE winners.  He and Amy will enjoy an all expense paid trip to Pebble Beach, California in November, “I’m very excited to visit California.  I’ve heard very good things about Carmel.  I can’t wait to golf, and see the sights!”

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