BIO: By Invitation Only — Scott Cook — Salem, OR

Published on January 29, 2015

Scott-CookAfter studying Business at Brigham Young University for two years, Scott returned to Salem, Oregon, where he has been serving Henry Schein customers for more than twenty years. Scott is currently a Field Sales Consultant for the Henry Schein Williamsville, Oregon center and he enjoys everyday he goes to work, proclaiming “I have the best customers in the business!” Scott appreciates his customers and Bob Sullivan, President of Sullivan Dental, and considers him one of his professional influencers ever since he acquired an independent company Scott was working for in the early 90s. “I learned from Bob Sullivan to take care of the customer first,” says Scott. This combined with his calm, level-headed approach to life, is what makes Scott so valued by his customers and Henry Schein. Henry Schein recognized Scott’s hard work and consistency with the Top 10% and Top 20% awards.

Scott recognizes the importance of friends and family and is thankful to be blessed with five children and credits Margé, his wife of 23 years, as “the magic in what we have going.” Before starting a family of his own, Scott enjoyed a childhood spent camping at Yellowstone Park and learning life lessons from his parents. Scott’s parents taught him to respect others and to be a man of service. The impact these lesson have on Scott’s life is evident by his motto, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” Scott is grateful for his life and the people in it, so you’ll often hear him say “Thank you!”

Scott appreciates Spencer W. Kimball for his integrity, and commitment to live by his beliefs. Scott also admires nurturing women or anyone who is genuine, but finds it hard to except dishonest people.

Scott says that reading scriptures every day provides the spiritual foundation for him “to be the best that I can be for myself and my family, and the kind of employee who can promote the values that Henry Schein is all about.” Scott also promotes Straine Consulting and as a result he says, “I have learned to help my customers in new ways.”

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