BIO: By Invitation Only — Tracy Bush — Lexington, KY

Published on April 8, 2015

Tracy-BushTracy Bush, also known as “TB,” graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1995 with a degree in Dental Lab Technology.  Tracy’s education provided the first step for thirteen years of success as a Field Sales Consultant for the Henry Schein Lexington, Kentucky Center.  He loves the diversity of his territory, “One day I’m in the city next to a University surrounded by shopping malls and restaurants.  The next day I’m looking at some of the most beautiful trees and mountains that are accompanied by winding roads and no cell service.  It’s God’s Country!”

Tracy finds joy in the small things in life like being surrounded by nature or simply seeing a loved one content, “After becoming a parent, I realized that seeing my family and friends smile is the key to me being happy.”  Tracy and wife Jodilyn are happily married and proud parents of two sons, five- year old Trevor and seven- year old Brett, “I value my family more than anything else in the world and consider fatherhood my greatest accomplishment.  It’s a ride I’m really enjoying.”  Tracy also has a passion for baseball, so you’ll often find him either playing it, watching it and even coaching it.

When asked what people notice most about him, Tracy says, “I like people and I believe that people know that about me.”  Tracy’s father instilled in him the importance of treating people with respect, so Tracy has little tolerance for disrespectful people.  His mother taught him to “tell it like it is.”  This is why Tracy’s motto is, “Tell the truth; keep your nose clean.  Karma always wins.”

Tracy also has an endearing sense of humor.  When asked to provide a photo for this award, he shares, “I had to wait and take the picture when I took my monthly shower here in Kentucky.  Then I decided to use this photo for my Facebook profile.  I received a bunch of ribbing, but the funniest was one of my country friends tells me that I look cleaner than the inside of a Clorox bottle.  I almost fell over laughing so hard.  Gotta love the Bluegrass!”

Reflecting on his early days, Tracy says, “To be completely honest, when I first started in the dental industry I was so shy that I was scared I wouldn’t be able to succeed.”  Tracy overcame his fears and went on to earn the Henry Schein Top 5% Sales Achievement Award and is a SWOT Team Member.  He also recently signed three Straine clients and is in the lead to become the first 2012 Straine Project HOPE recipient.  Tracy proclaims, “Working with Straine Consulting has helped me get out of my comfort zone.  Kerry Straine has equipped me in significant ways to make a difference with my customers on how to improve their practices and be more productive and profitable!  Everyone wins using Straine’s strategies.”

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