BIO: By Invitation Only — Trina Wheeler — Atlanta, GA

Published on June 22, 2015

WheelerTrina Wheeler has had a successful career as a Field Sales Consultant since 1999 at the Henry Schein Atlanta, Georgia Center. Trina appreciates the flexibility her career offers as well as the opportunity to build relationships with her customers. “The area I cover is quite diverse and all of my customers have unique goals. It’s very rewarding to use my resources to help them achieve what they’ve set out to accomplish. Their possibilities are endless!”

Trina’s desire to help others has been a contributing factor in her successful career, “My goal has and always will be to do all I can for others every day.”  In 2009 Trina placed in the top 5% and received the Dentrix Core champion award and several years in a row was in the top 10% and top 20%. Trina also earned the 2000 Rookie of the Year Award at Henry Schein and in 2011 was named the Key Priorities Champion, which makes her a consistent leader in sales. From a young age Trina’s mother taught her the importance of hard work and overcoming obstacles, “My mother encouraged me to take one day at a time and whenever I’m feeling overloaded, that it’s best to tackle each challenge one at a time.”

Trina has taught son Justin the same life lessons, “Justin is ‘cool, calm and collected’ 24-7 and an amazing leader who exudes such confidence and strength. He owns his own marketing company and has many dental clients including Dental Branding. He’s very patient and always follows through with every task. I wish I was more like him!”  Trina enjoys every minute of being a mother since she considers her son her greatest achievement. Balancing a career and family gives Trina peace of mind. “It’s important for me to have a successful career and quality time with my family and friends. There’s nothing better than the unconditional love that comes from true friendships and family.”

There’s no doubt that Trina enjoys spending much of her free time with friends but most people may not know that she considers herself a private person who enjoys quiet time, “I de-stress by running, working out and enjoying a slow cup of coffee. During the week it’s go, go, go, so one of my favorite activities is relaxing and watching movies. Having no plans on a Saturday is my definition of heaven!”

Trina is also a two-time Straine Project HOPE Winner. She refers her customers to Straine to help them improve their leadership and communication skills, efficiency and productivity. “I’m grateful that some of my customers have been open to working with Straine and have taken advantage of the opportunity to double their profits.” Relying on Henry Schein and Straine Consulting as tools she can count on, Trina plans to continue helping her customers achieve their goals for many years to come with hard work and a tender heart.

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