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#MakeLove — Air Force Academy Head Calls All Cadets To Attention After Racist Act

Published on September 29, 2017

The superintendent of the Air Force Academy called all cadets to attention on Thursday to address a racist message left on a dormitory message board — and even encouraged them to record his speech so ...Read More »

Straine-On-Success — What Your Gait Can Tell Doctors

Published on September 8, 2017

The 20-foot walkway the 73-year-old is on is embedded with pressure sensors that track every step he takes: his velocity, his cadence, how long his foot remains in the air. The measures pop up on a computer ...Read More »

Short Takes On Straine — Kevin Stock, DDS

Published on July 12, 2017

I was struggling with low cash flow in my practice.  I assumed the main problem was decreased insurance reimbursement along with rising overhead, salary increases, and increased competition as new dentists ...Read More »

Short Takes On Straine — Tara Comer

Published on June 29, 2017

“I just wanted to personally thank you for the time we have spent together thru the training at Mountain State. We as a company have definitely taken some useful information from the time Straine has ...Read More »

#MakeLove — Tell Them Chrissy Sent You: London victim inspires others to help homeless

Published on June 27, 2017

In the last two years of her life, Christine Archibald dedicated herself to helping those struggling with addiction and homelessness. Following her death in Saturday’s London Bridge terrorist attack, ...Read More »

Short Takes On Straine — Valerie Drake, DDS

Published on May 23, 2017

“I have received several positive, unsolicited e-mails from team members about Dan, Sean, and Merrillee. They each exceeded my expectations and have been able to present our plan in a positive, straightforward, ...Read More »