iLead w/Straine — A Civil Action

Published on June 22, 2015

CivilThere is an epidemic of bad behavior at home, in the boardroom and business in general today. In many circles, it is considered “old-fashioned” to behave in a civilized fashion, some even say it is weak or ineffectual to be kind in business. When we are faced with bad behavior in the workplace, we begin by trying to distinguish the impulse as either lack of awareness, which can be improved through education, or lack of character, which is probably not repairable.

This is what YOU can and should do now:

C — Create a culture of courteous, cultured, polished and poised behaviors that you model consistently.
I — Invite feedback for your behavior and be willing to be held to the standards you expect from everyone else.
V — Visualize what you want and communicate these standards to your colleagues and patients.
I — Inspire rather than intimidate and liberally use the workhorses of positive reinforcement which are approval, appreciation and attention.
L — Laugh and learn from the missteps … the best leaders know that humor is one of the best tools to create positive vibes.

It takes vision and vigilance to create an environment of respect and civility. When the going gets tough, the tough stay committed to their values!


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