iLead w/Straine — Is Your Strategy In Focus?

Published on July 22, 2015

Many people believe multitasking is the most important skill in developing oneself for achieving success.  Multitasking is a myth.  Science has proven that humans are incapable of processing attention-rich inputs simultaneously. As a matter of fact, researchers have found that cell phone drivers took longer to hit the brakes and got in more accidents than drunk drivers. The fact is, the human brain is a sequential processor, and only able to work on one task at a time.

The key to unleashing the power of efficiency and productivity is to learn how to minimize and eliminate waste.  And waste is a huge byproduct of multitasking! We have coined the acronym FOCUS to help you generate clear and certain success.  By the way, these principles are the foundation of the Straine Management System™.

Fulfill first things first, identify tasks that generate the greatest value and perform them first.

Orchestrate value-creating steps in a tight sequence and execute them in the same order, at the same time, on time, every time.

Concentrate your efforts on specific tasks and provide uninterrupted periods of time to accomplish them.

Uncover waste, any step or task that does not create value, and unambiguously eliminate it.

Select your most high-value action and do it, uninterrupted, for extended periods of time.

If you incorporate these principles into your life you will find that you are capable of achieving your objectives with the minimum use of resources, time and effort, as opposed to increasing resources, time or effort.

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