#MakeLove — Firefighters Rescue Elderly Woman At Her Home, Then Go Extra Mile And Do Her Yard Work

Published on January 18, 2015

Firefighters Yard WorkSometimes a firefighter’s job doesn’t begin or end with flames.

When an 81-year-old woman tripped and fell in front of her home in Santa Barbara, California, on Sept. 20, firefighter Captain Kevin Bryant and his crew responded to her emergency call. The firefighters took the woman to the hospital where they found out that she’d broken her arm and injured her shoulder, reported KEYT.

But their work didn’t stop there.

While she was undergoing surgery, Bryant and fellow firefighter Tyler Smith decided to help clear the tangles of shrubs from her front yard and along the path to her front door.

“We felt at that time, that if the walkway had not been so narrow she might not have fallen,” Bryant told KEYT. “We just felt we could help this woman avoid a future fall, and do a little customer service.”

Firefighters frequently go above and beyond the call of duty for those who need it most.

They even tend to some of our smallest pets. Last week, responders put out a mobile home fire in Lacey, Washington, but also took the time to help save the family of hamsters that was living in the laundry room where the fire originated. With their Pet Emergency Pocket Guides in hand, the firefighters were able to save four of the five hamsters by inserting breathing tubes and administering oxygen to them.

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