#MakeLove — Mailman Does the Sweetest Thing for a Dog He Sees Everyday

Published on August 24, 2016

There’s some people who are never happy, and then there are sweet creatures like Pippa who need so little to be filled with joy. This darling canine in Brisbane, Australia, lives to fetch the mail from the postman, Martin Studer, and bring it back to her family.

She loves doing this simple task so much that Martin has taken to writing her little letters on the days when there’s no mail for him to deliver.

After all, he wouldn’t want to disappoint the old girl. Just look at those big, brown, imploring eyes. Martin posted the photos onto Facebook, where they quickly went viral, as a reminder that sometimes you don’t need to do a very much to make someone’s day.

Now, the question is, does the old girl know he’s tricking her, and just playing along to make him happy as well?!

Diana Bruk – MSN/Lifestyle

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