#MakeLove — NYPD Cop Pays Woman’s Impound Bill After Car Gets Towed Outside Queens Hospital

Published on April 13, 2015

OfficerOfficer Brian Kinkaid of the 109th Precinct coughed up $185, plus a $3 ATM fee for a woman who did not have the cash to get her car out of a city impound lot. The car was parked illegally outside a Queens hospital when it was towed.

He’s not only one of New York’s finest, but this cop also is good for a few bucks in a pinch.

Officer Brian Kinkaid of the 109th Precinct came to the aid of an elderly lady whose car was towed outside of a Queens hospital earlier this week.

The upset septuagenarian had her car impounded after parking illegally outside New York Hospital Queens in Flushing on Tuesday.

“She was upset because she never had her car towed before,” said Kinkaid, who gave the unidentified senior a lift to the Queens depot in College Point at the beginning of his 4 p.m. patrol. “Unfortunately, she only had her checkbook on her.”

City pounds only accept cash, credit or the odd money order.

Then the woman’s gracious guardian noticed an ATM.

“I had my debit card, so I told her I’d take out the money and help,” the six-year NYPD vet said. “I would hope anyone would do the same. You see your mother, your grandmother. Wouldn’t you?”

The cop coughed up $185, plus a $3 ATM fee.

Kinkaid said he hasn’t heard from the woman he helped, but he isn’t sweating being reimbursed.

“She was very grateful,” he said. “”I said, ‘Whenever you get the chance, you can drop it off at the precinct.’ ”

The true blue cop says he was only doing his duty.

“She was a very nice lady and she was in need,” he said.

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