#MakeLove — Officers Acts Of Kindness

Published on January 18, 2015

Officer Act Of KindnessOn Thursday, Oct. 9, the chief of police of the North Bend Oregon Police Department shared a public letter on the department’s Facebook page, celebrating the kind-hearted behavior of four of the department’s officers.

After receiving a handwritten note from one grateful resident who saw Sgt. Buddy Young stop to help an elderly man with his trash can, Chief of Police Robert F. Kappelman felt inclined to share details of a few other officers’ inspirational actions.

“I wish more people did know what these officers do,” wrote Kappelman. “And this is why I chose to attach three of the most recent letters of commendation I had the privilege to write.”

Officers brought to attention for their acts of kindness were Officer Jason Griggs, Sgt. Michael Kuehn, and Officer Patrick Kinney.

Griggs provided dining chairs to a young mother in need so that her children would have a place to eat, after watching a boyfriend remove his property from the home during a civil stand-by call.

Kuehn brought food to a hungry woman and provided a person suffering from mental illness with a new pair of boots, after observing his pair was in bad condition.

Kinney, responding to a domestic violence call, learned a victimized pregnant woman was suffering financially and went out of his way to gather bread, diapers, milk, fruit, and eggs for her.

Chief Kappelman said he was hesitant to single out the officers, as they aren’t the only ones performing such acts of kindness.

“I could write these letters all day long every day,” wrote Kappelman. “The truth is that in over 22 years of law enforcement, I have seen hundreds of officers do things like this…without any expectation of recognition.”

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