#MakeLove — Police Hand Out $100

Published on January 19, 2015

100-Dollars 2Cops Show Up At Homes, Shock Families In Need With $100 Bills

In this town, getting stopped by a cop might actually be a good thing.

The Huron County Sheriff’s Office in Michigan received generous donations from four anonymous families last week, requesting the money be given to those in need, the Associated Press reported. Honoring their request, Sheriff Kelly J. Hanson and Sergeant James Hunt set out to surprise citizens by personally delivering $100 to 40 families by last Monday.

It’s been a lot of fun. It’s definitely a change,” Hanson told WNEM. “The police aren’t always known, of course, with coming to your door with good news.”

Each of the families who donated money gave the department $1,000. Shortly after the donations, Hanson contacted local groups and organizations to decide which people needed the funds the most, WNEM reported. The officers say that showing up at unsuspecting families’ doors has been quite the experience.

“I get some strange looks right off the bat, you know,” Hunt told WNEM. “People are suspicious.”

And while the officers have had fun surprising people, they say they also feel honored to have been involved in such a thoughtful operation.

“I, like many others, have been tested and tasked from time to time, with the many difficult challenges of our occupations,” Hanson said, according to the Huron County View. “It is rewarding for me to be in association with thoughtful and caring individuals such as those who contributed the $1,000.

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