#MakeLove — Theme Park Workers Show Support For Orlando After Shooting

Published on June 16, 2016

Workers from various parks, many based Florida, have been sharing pictures of themselves, making heart symbols with their hands as a gesture of solidarity with Orlando.

Kevin O’Brien, who has worked at theme parks for decades, has been gathering and sharing the photos on social media. He’s been calling on fellow park employees to show their love.

“This is family. We are one, strong band of people. From entertainment, costuming, techs, attractions, merchandise, custodial and all other [departments],” he wrote in a Facebook post. “Show that there is love out there!”

Staff and workers from Universal Studios, Walt Disney World and Treasure Island are among the many who have submitted photos for O’Brien to share in the name of empathy. Many of them are pictured donning their cheerful work outfits or costumes.

O’Brien told The Huffington Post in a message that he saw friends from the industry show their support after the tragedy. With their permission, he compiled the photos into a post, and later shared them on Facebook. From there, the number of photos just escalated.  “I’m proud of everyone who has been involved and sending pictures,” he said. “Each picture I open up is a surprise from where it came from. I burst out in tears. [It’s] just overwhelming.”

O’Brien, who has friends who frequent Pulse, told the Orlando Sentinel he hopes that with the pictures, the theme park community can send a message of empathy. “I’m here to just say that we are all thinking of friends and families and the love ones who were hit hard with this!”

Kimberly Yam – Huffington Post
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