Straine Practice Tip — Patients Are Oxygen To Your Practice

Published on July 17, 2014

Appointed Patients. For a dental practice, it might as well be oxygen. Many dental practice owners don’t know how to use data found on essential management tools: day sheets, provider reports, pending treatment reports, daily summaries, diagnosed and accepted treatment logs, weekly activity reports, patient reactivation reports, production summary reports, average hourly/daily production reports, accounts receivable aging reports, collection management reports, and sources of new patients reports, and more. Many dental practice owners don’t understand how to use essential management processes: daily huddles, weekly staff meetings, monthly training sessions, and yearly performance appraisals, and more. A management system brings focus and alignment to data and processes for the owner and staff. When owners don’t know how to orchestrate the acts and activities that are essential to buy-in, a culture of mediocrity becomes the norm. Patients and staff suffer. Practices fail to reach their potential. And sometimes practices even fail.

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