Short Takes On Straine — Adrian Rehak, DDS

Published on February 12, 2015

Dan Stover-- Hand in Pocker2

Dear Dan,

I am writing to thank you, Sara, Kerry, and Straine Dental Consulting for the excellent results I have had working with you all.  I first hired you in Octover, 2011.  I wish I had discovered you long before.

Dan, as I have told you, I previously had hired three other nationally recognized consultants.  I worked with each of these management groups for several years.  I learned with each of them but did not have any significant financial improvement with any of them.

As an example one group personally told me that I should hire a second hygienist.  Unfortunately, he never had any particular reason why I should other than he said so.  You took my stats and showed me where we were deficient in our recall program and had enough of a patient base that I could hire a second hygienist and keep her busy at least 3 days of our 4 day week.  By answering the why I could hire that second hygienist with confidence.

I have just sold my dental practice after which I will work as an independent contractor for the buyer.  If I had not worked with you to grown my practice I would not be able to sell.  Now I will be able to see patients without the stress and time commitment to practice management.  Eventually, I will retire when I want to, not keep working because I need to.

If anyone wants to discuss your services, I would be happy to do so.  My contact information is below.

Thanks for everything,

Adrian Rehak, DDS
Mt. Vernon Road Dental
1000 42nd Street SE, Suite B
Cedar Rapids, IA  52403
Office: 319.362.3179
Mobile: 319.560.0530

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