Short Takes On Straine — J. Randall Latta, DDS

Published on January 18, 2015

Merrillee-KaranickolasDear Straine Consulting,

(First, I must tell you that the comments below are not from the typical temporary “afterglow” of simply a good presentation but from a deep, abiding and heartfelt sense of gratitude for having Merrillee on your team and sending this top of the A List individual into our lives and practice!)

Merrillee left this afternoon and I must admit she almost went missing. We had tentative plans to kidnap her and set up a cushy alias as the “Divine Miss M” whom we would keep locked in our building forever as our “Central Processoress of WNC Dental”. Alas, we returned her to you.

I do concede that our pre-visit mental, emotional, and physical preparations were very successful but Merrillee had us all at hello.

Expert, intelligent, connecting and spot-on she corralled my 26 cats to enthusiastically accept the Concept of Change. We are now perfectly primed to engage in the Art of the Possible, thanks to Merrillee.

If I ever win the Lottery, she’s mine…bwaaahhaaahhhaaa!!

J. Randall Latta, DDS & Associates, PA
WNC Dental
3179 Sweeten Creek Road
Asheville, NC  28803

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