Short Takes On Straine — Kevin Stock, DDS

Published on July 12, 2017

I was struggling with low cash flow in my practice.  I assumed the main problem was decreased insurance reimbursement along with rising overhead, salary increases, and increased competition as new dentists set up in our already saturated community. My 401k had not been funded for two years.

I practice in an area of Idaho where fees are incredibly low.  Just 45 miles away, dentists are collecting on average $200-$300 more per crown.  I have patients who come from Arizona because the fees are so low.  I knew other dentists in the area were also feeling the squeeze.  I found I had more and more openings in my practice but still saw it as relatively busy compared to a lot of my peers, and so I was not sure what to do to increase my cash flow.  I’m a 1987 dental school graduate and don’t like media advertising.  I do have a website and Facebook page so people can find us.

I couldn’t think of how to improve my practice situation and finally said “enough.”

I spoke to Shea Davis, my Henry Schein representative, who suggested I contact Randy Bird of Straine Consulting.  Shea knew other dentists who had worked with Randy and Straine and had very positive results.  I had my doubts, but knew I had to change something.

I spoke with Randy Bird on the phone and was immediately impressed with his enthusiasm and communication skills.  We started with Randy in January of 2017.  The main things we have benefited from are policy direction, patient education in case presentation and patient hygiene education.  Randy has taught us amazing techniques to grow our hygiene and reactivations, both of which increase restorative.

It is now the end of June 2017 and collections are up $150k over this time last year.  We have met our goals every month without changing our standard of treatment or having to become more aggressive in sales.

We have an established practice of 27 years.  It is fairly large with nine employees and we are like a family.   The team is excited to be busy and one of our biggest problems now is front end concern about where to schedule patients.  This is a good problem to have.  I now find I need to open two more hygiene days and am working to do this in my four-operatory office.

Thank you Randy Bird and thank you Straine Consulting. You made a believer out of a true skeptic.

Kevin Stock, DDS
2200 Parke Avenue, Suite 2
Burley, ID 83318

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