Short Takes On Straine — Ray F. Orzechowski, Jr., DMD

Published on January 9, 2017

Success can be defined in many ways in our lives. For me, the greatest success comes from being a loving husband, a supportive and caring father of 3, and a good friend to those I know well. I also measure success in my professional life as a dentist by the way I treat my patients and my employees, and by the reputation I have with other members of my dental community here in Concord, NH.  For the first 20 or so years as a solo practitioner, I was able to build a practice from working with one assistant and one front desk coordinator to a practice where I had three full-time hygienists, two assistants and two front-desk personnel.  I had made multiple decisions as to how to grow and maintain my practice over the years on what I thought were sound and right opinions. With no formal business training, many of those decisions were made by what my gut told me was right and for the most part, they were good decisions.

With the increase in patient flow over the years, it became apparent to me that I needed to consider the addition of an associate to join our practice so that we could sustain and continue to grow the practice to its fullest potential. I decided at that point to use a dental consultant as a guide to be sure I was properly positioned to manage the additional responsibilities that came along with that growth. Having heard both Kerry Straine and Randy Bird at continuing education events in the past, I elected to begin working with Straine Consulting as my resource. The breadth and scope of their services have helped me realize how much I didn’t know or understand about running a successful dental office. The development and implementation of all the various policies that Straine has helped put in place in my practice have made me realize that success is driven by policy, and not necessarily just people. The ability to provide clarity and direction to my staff has proved crucial to our continued growth and incorporation of my associate along with another full-time hygienist.  The vision that Straine provides in understanding how theses fundamentals are incorporated into the everyday workflow of our practice allows us to remain efficient and effective in all our interactions with our patients. And with that comes great patient experiences and continued success.

Specifically, my relationship with Randy Bird has proven to be an aspect of my involvement with Straine that has added so much value to me. Randy’s bi-annual meeting with my team help solidify the reason why it is so important to maintain our working together.  His enthusiasm and energy are evident in every point of contact with him, and his encouragement when things were challenging have helped me overcome whatever obstacles have arisen in this process. Our ability to learn “the language of DISC” through his instruction have proven invaluable in all our relationships between patients and co-workers. Our unique vibe we possess as an office is a result of a better understanding of each other and our patients, and patients respond favorably to our environment. In a changing business climate and the growth of the corporate model of dentistry, our ability to connect with our patients on a meaningful level will continue to set us apart from the competition and ensure our success.

Thanks to my relationship with Kerry Straine and Randy Bird, my vision of success in my dental practice has far eclipsed where I once thought it could be. I now see a practice that will provide quality care for so many patients as I progress through my individual career and offer the same satisfaction and opportunity for the dentists who come after me. This would not have been possible without the guidance and vision of Straine Consulting.

Sincerely Ray F. Orzechowski, Jr., DMD

Ray F. Orzechowski, Jr., DMD
280 Pleasant Street, Suite 4
Concord, NH 03301




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