Short Takes On Straine — Sandi Cangiano

Published on September 25, 2017

“I recently sat in on a webinar with Kerry Straine and one of my doctors
who has been looking at a few different options for monitoring the pulse of her practice.  Since she is a member of Spear that was one of the programs she was looking at.  When we discussed what she was interested in tracking, I briefly explained the Straine Intelligence Reports to her and she was open to my suggestion of seeing what it was all about.  She was blown away by the information it contained and impressed at the price of it as well.  Kerry went through the program step-by-step and it seemed to be just what she was looking for.  From tracking cancellations, and rebooks, to monthly production, appointment reviews with total production opportunities, un-appointed family members with pending treatments available, to verifying benefits.  These were just a few of the highlights during our hour with Kerry!  I cannot wait to be trained on Straine Intelligence Reports and anyone who has customers using Dentrix needs to talk to Straine about this program.  It is Straine Consulting on steroids!  Thank you Kerry for designing this awesome tool.”

Sandi Cangiano
Henry Schein Dental
Field Sales Consultant, Boston, Massachusetts Center


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