Short Takes On Straine — Stacy Pruitt

Published on September 18, 2017

“I recently invited Kerry Straine to meet with one of my successful doctors,
but one who had completely lost control of where his practice was and how it was really doing.  The information that was supplied by the manager didn’t match the computer reports and that had the doctor and I very worried.

Kerry’s solution which provided the capability to connect to the doctors practice management system and extract the necessary data within the system, this information was then presented with dynamic content and visible on an impressive dashboard and voila.  All of a sudden, we had tangible numbers and facts to discuss.

It was quite amazing to see this doctor really wrap himself up into details that he never had with such clear visibility, available, simply at his touch.  The numbers and the detailed metrics were just what the doctor needed.  He also quickly realized that now he needed ongoing support from Kerry to ensure that both the key indicators were being addressed by someone who has in-depth experience and communicates in a positive way.

The doctor is excited to have Kerry Straine as his consultant to support him on his path to improvement and growth.  I am also very excited to be a part of this impressive solution!”

Stacy Pruitt RDA, COSA
Henry Schein Dental
Field Sales Consultant, Bay Area Center

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