Short Takes On Straine — Steven J. Zapien, DDS

Published on October 12, 2016

Straine Consultant Randy Bird says:

“After compiling his HSPA earlier this year, Susan connected me to Dr. Zapien.  We scheduled an initial HSPA conference call, where Dr. Zapien shared his practice and personal goals; I reviewed the many HSPA opportunities (patient flowzap management; radiographs; periodontal program) and offered hope backed by specific strategic recommendations.  After a follow-up call, Dr. Zapien was eager to engage Straine’s planning and coaching to obtain a better result for his 20+ year practice.

We began working together in early May and the impact was immediate and significant; here are a few highlights:

Dr. Zapien is beyond happy with our results; he has real world results that make eventual retirement a possibility, as opposed to an uncertainty.”

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