Short Takes On Straine — Susan Reilly, DDS & Thomas Reilly, DDS

Published on January 19, 2015


Hey, I hope your flight back went well.  The past few days were awesome.

Later on after leaving, Susie told me she was happy I got emotional because it meant that I care so much about what we’re about to go through.  Then I put together a connection to explain that.  It involves a story I’m sure you can understand.  A story that has nothing to do with the typical heroics or bravado that goes along with my hobby of endurance sports:

On May 1st, 2010 I woke up emotional.  Right from the get go.  On that day I was taking on a challenge I had dreamed about for four years, had lost 60 pounds to achieve, had spent thousands of dollars preparing for, and many many hours training my body for.  I was attempting my very first Ironman.

I was choked up the entire time during those pre-race hours just like you saw me yesterday.  Body marking?  I couldn’t even get out my number to tell the woman with the marker.  Putting on my wetsuit?  Yeah, I choked up thanking the volunteer who helped me get into it.  Swim warm up?  Had to wipe out my goggles from tearing up.  Treading water waiting for the canon to go off?  Boy, I haven’t been that emotional since my first child was born.

Was I scared of what was to come during that long day?  The pain?  The suffering?  The dehydration?  The puking?

Shit no!  After all my hard work and sacrifice, I was ready to DO THIS, accept any result that came my way, and soak in the feeling at the finish line.  And when that canon boomed, no more emotion, I just got it done until I roared triumphantly crossing the finish.

That’s how I felt yesterday.  Reilly Dental is “bumping up distances” so to speak.  We’re about to start our “Ironman” if you will.  I realized we have a great coach in you, and we have a great team who’s on board to take this change on.

This is a huge deal for us, so thank you for your guidance and help.  With this journey also including a new building, it’s going to be a hell of a ride.


Susan Reilly, DDS & Thomas Reilly, DDS
Reilly Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
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