Short Takes On Straine — Valerie Drake, DDS

Published on May 23, 2017

“I have received several positive, unsolicited e-mails from team members about Dan, Sean, and Merrillee. They each exceeded my expectations and have been able to present our plan in a positive, straightforward, non-judgmental way. I love the clear-cut expectations. Thank you so much for taking the time to fly down to meet us in little ‘ol Harlingen, TX. You are about to change so many lives for the better. We are so pleased with the entire Straine Team. Here is an example of the feedback I am getting from team members…My dad was pedo president like twice but was so different. That’s why I loved these consultants you hired. They care. I felt that and Sean kept repeating he wouldn’t be here if he didn’t think you did. They put people and values first, then the money will follow.”

Valerie Drake, DDS
2319 E Tyler Ave
Harlingen, TX 78550



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