TTI has developed assessments designed to uncover specific aspects of an individual’s true self. Our detailed report reveals the assessment results in a clear, applicable way so it can be used to:


When used together, the assessment tools can provide a much clearer picture of both the individual and the job, including behaviors, motivators and personal skills.



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Disc/Behaviors Report »

The Management-Staff report is an extremely valuable contribution to talent management. Understanding different behavior styles will help you adapt and blend your style for greater, more effective communication and relationships.

Values/Motivators Report »

Identifying the values of the individuals, teams, and organization reduces conflict, increases talent retention; improve efficiency and productivity and energies any group working together towards common goals.

Behaviors & Motivators Report »

The knowledge you gain from the personal interest, attitudes and value of this report will help you take control of your decisions, your life’s direction and appreciation of others.

TTI TriMetrix® Report »

This report reveals a person’s specific traits in three areas that describe the how, what, and why of individual performance.

Customer Service Report »

This report will provide you a broad understanding of the customer service style of a person.

Interviewing Insights Report »

An investment in the interviewing insights reports can yield important results and valuable benefits in hiring the right person and saving time and money during the process.

Team Building Report »

This report analyzes a person’s behavioral style. It will measure such things as how a person responds to problems and challenges and how they respond to the pace of an environment.

Career Planning Report »

The Career Planning Report analyses a person’s behavior style and a person’s manner of doing something.

Leadership/Management Report »

This report will measure three dimensions of thought; Intrinsic (people), Extrinsic (tasks or things) and Systemic (systems).

Emotional Quotient Report »

Looks at a person’s emotional intelligence which is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate a higher level of collaboration and productivity.


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