Straine Industry Icon — Andrew Tibbitts, DDS — Murrieta, CA

Published on January 14, 2015

TibbittsA Straine Industry Icon possesses the drive to achieve results, the ability to take initiative, skills in collaboration and teamwork and the ability to lead teams.

Andrew Tibbitts, DDS has been described as “Best Murrietta Dentist” by his patients and offers a variety of services focusing on prevention, restorative, implants and cosmetic dentistry.  Dr. Tibbitts has been a Straine client since 2010 and is known for providing the highest quality of care for his patients.

Dr. Tibbitts recalls a period in time when his practice struggled to orchestrate and integrate his clinical, hygiene and administrative departments.  When Straine Consultant Michael Lichtman, DDS first started working with Dr. Tibbitts they discussed specific strategies that would create a more intelligent practice, with more effective communication between departments.

“The practice had ineffective communication between departments,” says Dr. Lichtman.  “It was important to begin to put systems and policies in place.”

Aware of the importance of creating practice goals and policies, Dr. Tibbitts embraced the advice given by Straine, “When we hired Straine Consulting, Dr. Lichtman helped us create policies that established specific protocols for communication between departments.  For example; we now have a radiographic policy for our existing and new patients. This has made it easier for my staff to enter the correct procedure codes and the correct details regarding the radiograph the patient will receive.”

“The practice continues to grow because of Dr. Tibbitts’ incredible vision and his team’s willingness to be persistent, resilient and optimistic,” says Dr. Lichtman. “Dr. Tibbitts has embraced the Straine Management System™ and now has three hygienists working four days a week and two hygienists on Fridays.  He has also added a full-time associate and periodontist.”

Dr. Tibbitts is delighted his practice has evolved into a more efficient and effective organization and is grateful for the training and coaching provided by Straine.  “We brought in a periodontist and the front office team learned how to integrate treatment planning, scheduling and coding for his services within our current operation.  If we had not been as clear on our management system and operating policies it could have cost us thousands of dollars in missed opportunities.  Instead, I’ve seen an increase in profits by thousands of dollars and 30% growth for two years in a row.  This has more than made up for the month-to-month fee I pay Straine.”

Andrew Tibbitts, DDS
40710 California Oaks Road, Suite B
Murrieta, CA  92562

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