Straine Industry Icon — Christiaan Willig, DDS — Warsaw, IN & Elkhart, IN

Published on March 25, 2015

WilligA Straine Industry Icon possesses the drive to achieve results, the ability to take initiative, skills in collaboration and teamwork and the ability to lead teams.

Dr. Christiaan Willig, a Straine client since 2011, is known by his patients as a compassionate provider of comprehensive dental services at both his Warsaw and Elkhart, Indiana practices.

When Dr. Willig opened his second practice, he found himself spread thin.  “I opened a second practice closer to my home and was the only dentist working both locations,” he recalls.  “I needed to hire an associate and perfect the structural organization within both practices.  I had a great support system in my wife, lawyer and CPA, yet I needed an expert in organizational/group practice management who would help me achieve the goals I had set for both practices.”

Straine Senior Consultant Paul Smith says, “When Dr. Willig and I first started to work together I was impressed with his desire to own and operate multiple practices, which he said he wanted to do without compromising his clinical excellence or time with his wife and family.”  Smith’s first step was to help Dr. Willig create a strategic plan.  “I met with Dr. Willig and his wife, Alina, and developed a comprehensive multi-year plan to help them see what it would take to achieve their personal and practice goals,” Smith says.  “Dr. Willig’s drive and commitment were essential ingredients to executing the plan and, with Straine’s leadership and our personal coaching; Willig has succeeded in his goal of maintaining clinical excellence while operating two practices.”

Dr. Willig began to see changes immediately after hiring Straine.  “I was introduced to Paul Smith and Straine as a result of taking advantage of its free practice analysis and consultation,” Willig says, “and after the call, the rest, as they say, was history.  I was initially drawn to Straine because of its month-to-month agreement, and as time went on, I became more impressed with every aspect of its services.”

Dr. Willig says he also benefited from hard-side management concepts learned from his consultant.  “Paul Smith taught me what was acceptable in terms of profit and loss,” says Willig.  “We put systems and policies in place based on objective data and my vision, not wishful thinking or someone else’s idea of what a dental practice should look like.”

According to Smith, it was imperative that Dr. Willig implement the Straine Management System™ in its entirety, which enables both practices to operate effectively without him being present every day.  “Dr. Willig and his team are committed to daily huddles and weekly staff meetings,” Smith says.  “This provides them with an opportunity to look into the future and schedule high-producing, low-stress days.  We saw tremendous growth at the new location and the management system enabled them to capture the abundant new patient flow and seamlessly integrate a new associate to keep up with the increased demand.  Karen Miller, Straine’s Practice Development Coach, also works closely with us, coaching both teams into alignment so they proactively, rather than reactively, act in concert with each other and the agreed-upon goals.”

As a result of following the plan created by Paul Smith and Straine, Dr. Willig also saw a positive change in his staff.  “I’ve hired two associates and we are seeing 40-80 new patients a month,” Willig says.  “My staff understands its responsibilities and appreciates the direction and clarity it receives by having Straine on our team, and I also appreciate the support.  When stress takes over and I have a freak-out moment, I know I can call Paul Smith or Karen Miller, and they will have just the right solution.”

Christiaan Willig, DDS

Warsaw Location
1299 Husky Trail
Warsaw, IN 46582

Elkhart Location
110 N Nappanee Street
Elkhart, IN  46514

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