Straine Industry Icon — Christy Rollofson, DDS — Elk Grove, CA

Published on March 27, 2015

RollofsonA Straine Industry Icon possesses the drive to achieve results, the ability to take initiative, skills in collaboration and teamwork and the ability to lead teams.

Christy Rollofson, DDS, purchased a dental practice in Elk Grove, California in 2008 and three years later, became a month-to-month Straine client.  Dr. Rollofson’s practice is highly regarded by its patients and peers as evidenced by winning the coveted “Best of Elk Grove” award four years in a row.  Although Dr. Rollofson is just 33 years old, she serves on many leadership positions at the ADA, CDA and Sacramento District Dental Society.

After graduating from dental school, Dr. Rollofson purchased an established dental practice that had a substantial number of unscheduled patients.  Dr. Rollofson was clear on her clinical philosophy and priorities, yet wanted to develop skills and strategies that would enable her dynamic leadership style to take hold and flourish.  Rollofson was committed to ongoing improvement and learning how to communicate her mission to her patients and remembers: “I had decided that although I was experiencing tremendous success following the purchase of my practice, I intuitively knew that I was nowhere near realizing its potential.  I needed professional guidance establishing long-term goals and the daily activities needed to achieve them.”

Kerry Straine recognized that Dr. Rollofson’s team needed to learn how to communicate strategically, how to lead every patient to reappoint and refer, instead of taking a casual approach to engagement.  “We teach our clients that every single point of contact with the patient is an opportunity to delight or disappoint.  Although it seems like common sense, we emphasize with all our clients that delighting patients maintains a surplus in the relationship while disappointing them throws you into a deficit.”

Dr. Rollofson says, “Although I’ve known Kerry Straine since I was born, I wanted to spend my first few years of ownership getting accustomed to the role before reaching out to him in a professional capacity.”

This turned out to be the right decision, says Dr. Rollofson, who says, “I earned my team’s trust, which was invaluable before tackling the challenge of bringing a consultant into my practice.  I adore my team and their feelings were of paramount importance to me.  I wanted them to know that seeking practice management guidance had nothing to do with their performance and everything to do with my desire to be exceptional.  Over the past few years, I’ve learned that it takes time and practice, practice, practice to develop skills to lead and not react to the challenging situations that arise every day.  Being more emotionally intelligent has helped me model behaviors to my staff that I want them to use.  I’ve learned that marketing is all about what I do, not what I say.  My life-long dream was to create a practice where my patients and staff feel secure in my commitment, clinical excellence and concern, and I know I’ve achieved this because of the endorsement we’ve gotten from the community.”

Dr. Rollofson says Straine’s recommendation to commit to daily and weekly staff meetings enabled everyone to focus on their responsibilities and goals.  “Our morning huddles have become more productive as our communication skills grow,” she says.  “Patients frequently comment on how well our team works together, which is reflected in the abundant new patient referrals we receive from existing patients.  We don’t invest in external advertising as we direct all of our energy toward delighting our patients.  We have invested in Demandforce as a way to help with appointment confirmations and Likeable Dentist as another way to stay connected with our patients.”

Dr. Rollofson says, “My goal is to open another practice and continue to grow as a business owner.  I look forward to an amazing career in the dental industry and with Kerry Straine and his experienced group of consultants on my team, my future is assured!”

Christy Rollofson, DDS
Elk Grove Family Dentistry
9727 Elk Grove-Florin Road, Suite 270

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