Straine Industry Icon — David Alfaro, DDS — West Covina, CA

Published on April 9, 2015

Alfaro---No-BackgroundA Straine Industry Icon possesses the drive to achieve results, the ability to take initiative, skills in collaboration and teamwork and the ability to lead teams.

Dr. David Alfaro’s dental practice with its six treatment rooms and 16 employees is located in West Covina, California. Dr.  Alfaro became a Straine client in 1997 after hearing Kerry Straine present at a Straine Seminar in Irvine, California.  Dr. Alfaro was confident that Straine Consulting would help take his practice to the next level.

Dr. Alfaro had a solid patient base but felt his practice and leadership skills had the potential to grow.

“I grew up playing sports so I have always known the importance of effective communication within a team environment, ” he says, “but I found that communicating in a dental work environment had its own unique challenges. I felt as if my communication was lacking structure.” Straine director of consulting Michael Lichtman, DDS helped Dr. Alfaro with his management process and structure.

“As he lead his team, I reminded Dr. Alfaro of how great leaders grow other great leaders,” says Lichtman. “The key is persistence; emotional, social, and practical intelligence; and accountability, with a large dose of energy and empathy. Having huddles, staff meetings, and training sessions are communication moments for great teams to gather, think, and commit to act on behalf of your mission and helping you accomplish your vision. “

Straine provided Dr. Alfaro with a professional assessment that helped him establish his leadership role.

“Straine introduced me to the DISC Language which helped me better understand how my strengths and limitations impact my practice,” says Alfaro. “I appreciate and recognize what motivates each of my team members and how their behavioral styles fit with their positions.”

Dr. Alfaro says if he wants change to occur within his practice, he needs to lead the way with regular staff meetings.

“It’s my responsibility to set the pace at morning huddles and communicate effectively,” he explains. “I make a conscious effort to use as much positive reinforcement as possible with my staff and, in the back of my mind, I am reminded every day that my consultant, Michael Lichtman, will hold me accountable for linking my vision to the practice goals.”

“When a staff member is doing well, Dr. Alfaro has been taught to provide either attention, appreciation, or approval, which will increase the behaviors he wants to see executed from the team,” says Lichtman. “Dr. Alfaro and his team look for continuous, incremental daily improvements and remain focused on serving their patients to the best of their ability. During their weekly staff meetings, they identify openings in the schedule, providers who are not scheduled to goal, and everyone’s role in guiding patients to those openings. The team understands that filling the schedule isn’t just the responsibility of the administrative team – it’s everybody’s job.”

Dr. Alfaro holds the distinction of attending 17 annual client-only and client/staff workshops and says the business and personal relationship he has built with Straine Consulting over the years have contributed to his success and will continue to impact his future.

“I recently purchased a new 10,000-square feet building of which our 3,000-square feet suite will house nine treatment rooms,” he says.  “We currently have an associate and we will be adding at least one more.  After 29 years in the dental industry, it’s hard to believe, but I’m starting to think about retirement and my exit strategy.”

David Alfaro, DDS
Alfaro Dental Care
1050 Lakes Drive, Suite 335
West Covina, CA  91790-2929

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