Straine Industry Icon — Jeffrey Mader, DDS — South Bend, IN

Published on May 26, 2016

A Straine Industry Icon possesses the drive to achieve results, the ability to take initiative, skills in collaboration and teamwork and the ability to lead teams. Mader

Jeffrey Mader, DDS, became a month-to-month Straine Client in May 2012 and says the relationship has changed his life.  Mader has been providing superior services and products for the entire family through state-of-the-art technology and continuing education since 1990 in South Bend, Indiana.

As one of the very top dentists in the United States Dr. Mader is an excellent example of how achievement, continuous and ongoing education and improvement and reaching new highs provide the perfect foundation for a Straine Consulting Client.One of the assignments Kerry Straine was given early on in the engagement was to create the strategy, structure, organization chart, processes and protocols to introduce an associate into this highly accomplished environment.

Kerry Straine performed a comprehensive analysis of Dr. Mader’s practice and professional and personal goals.  Straine said, “Mader, you’re ready for an associate,” and began the process of identifying the type of dentist he felt would fit in well with the practice, as well as coaching Dr. Mader and his team on how to seamlessly integrate an associate into the organization.”

Dr. Mader recalls a staff member, who had worked in a different practice, telling him how it had been chaos every time a new associate had joined the practice.  No one on that team knew how to meld the newcomer into the existing organization.  The staff member says she couldn’t believe how well-prepared Dr. Mader’s practice had been when the new associate came onboard.

“Dr. Mader is an exceptional human being,” says Straine, “having already developed a remarkably high-performing dental practice when we met in 2012.  We fine-tuned the management systems and operating policies, customizing them around the “Mader Philosophy” so he would be prepared to begin planning for an associate who would be a candidate for co-ownership.  The success of the plan is in casting an accurate vision of what is expected from the associate as well as the owner.”

The key elements of the plan were time management, patient flow and cash flow.  Mader was clear on the fact that he wanted to maintain balance in his life, asking Straine to create a comprehensive plan that would allow him to continue to maintain the time requirements of being a great practice owner as well as a great husband and father.  The second component was that he wanted to make sure that the strategy of hiring an associate would be fair to the associate and also to the Mader family, one that wouldn’t decrease his personal net income.

With the right plan in place, the next step was finding the right candidate.  Mader was able to attract that person and the plan is working and exceeding everyone’s expectations.

“It is tremendously exciting to work with a client who embraces the process of collaboration,” says Straine, “and implements the strategic plan without reservation.”

“All I can say is that I know of so many dentists who are passionate about what they do but aren’t making the most of their efforts,” Mader adds.  “I’ve referred so many of them to Straine but it’s hard to get dentists to make that call because of all the misconceptions out there about what consultants do and what they charge.  But I have to tell you, Straine Consulting has probably been the best return on investment I’ve ever had.”

Jeffrey Mader, DDS
17490 5R 23
South Bend, Indiana 46635

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