Straine Industry Icon — Jennifer Doser, DMD — Laramie, WY

Published on March 25, 2015

Doser---No-BackgroundA Straine Industry Icon possesses the drive to achieve results, the ability to take initiative, skills in collaboration and teamwork and the ability to lead teams.

Dr. Jennifer Doser is known by her patients in her recently expanded, state-of-the-art practice in Laramie, Wyoming as gentle, comprehensive, thorough and dedicated to clinical excellence.  In 2011 Dr. Doser took advantage of a one-hour telephone consultation and practice analysis with Randy Bird, Straine Director of Training & Senior Consultant, and immediately became a Straine client.

Dr. Doser graduated from Oregon Health & Science University in 2010 and left school confident in her ability to provide exceptional dental care, yet was faced with quite a few challenges as a new business owner.

“I spent four years learning the clinical aspects of dentistry and a minimal amount of time learning how to run a business,” she says.  “My colleagues and I agree that one of the biggest challenges of running a business is managing people.  My practice had no real structure or foundation when it came to patients or staff.  I was even under the impression that our periodontal program was operating effectively until I reviewed the data during my consultation with Randy Bird.”

Randy Bird says, “From our first meeting I listened and learned about Dr. Doser’s concerns about her practice, her team, and her ability to increase her profitability.  We methodically broke it down piece by piece and created a plan to address every concern and opportunity.  We discussed the need for improved communication during essential management processes and carefully designed a daily huddle checklist that pinpointed activities we agreed needed to be reviewed every day.  Next, we tackled the weekly staff meeting agenda, focusing on staff engagement and short-term forecasting which enabled Dr. Doser and her staff to create a more predictable and profitable schedule.  One of our greatest accomplishments was collaborating on her periodontal therapy policy, based on formulas and methodologies that Straine has pioneered and which have generated the greatest impact in raising the Dr. Doser’s standard of care, improving her management model, and increasing profitability.”

The right policies aligned with athoroughprofessional assessment enabled Dr. Doser to build a foundation needed to successfully operate her practice.

“My Straine consultant,Randy Bird, helped me create a comprehensive and team-integrated periodontal therapy policy,” Dr. Doser says. “It ensures that all of our patients are treated in compliance with the American Academy of Periodontology guidelines.  Straine also introduced me to the DISC Language which has helped me understand the strengths and limitations of my dominant behavioral style in relation to the behavioral styles of my team members.”

Randy Bird says positive results were realized as soon as Dr. Doser implemented Straine’s recommendations: “We saw not only an improvement in communication among Dr. Doser, her team, and her patients, but we also observed an increase in her team’s ability to lead patients to receive the periodontal treatment they require.  In just two years, Dr. Doser’s active patient count has increased by 50% and patients enrolled in her periodontal therapy program have increased fivefold!  Dr. Doser’s goals of improving communication and elevating her standard of care have been achieved, and the increased production and collections have enabled her to expand and upgrade her facility to the premier dental practice she has today.”

“I have a solid team and my patients are receiving the best possible care,” says Dr. Doser.  “I’m also working four days a week and producing the same amount as when I worked a five-day week.  I’m not a big numbers person so I appreciate that Randy Bird is constantly monitoring our progress.  You don’t know what you don’t know until you open your mind to a new way of running your business.  I thank Randy Bird and the rest of the team at Straine for helping me develop my skills as a leader and grow my practice!”

Jennifer Doser, DMD, PC
303 South 8th Street
Laramie, WY  82070

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