Straine Industry Icon — Kendall Liday, DDS — Scappoose, OR

Published on April 13, 2017

A Straine Industry Icon possesses the drive to achieve results, the ability to take initiative, skills in collaboration and teamwork and the ability to lead teams.

In 2009 Dr. Kendal Liday was entering the fourth year of owning her dental practice when she realized that she needed to focus on her leadership skills, “I was feeling burnt out at work and felt like I had reached my limit. My two front office team members and I attended a Kerry Straine workshop and afterwards during lunch, both of my team members asked me, “When are you going to sign up?” I had my initial phone consultation with Kerry and I knew the strategies he recommended were for me.”

After deciding to become a Straine client, Dr. Liday was assigned to work with Straine’s Director of Training, Randy Bird, as her Consultant, “My first observations of Dr. Liday’s practice clearly showed Dr. Liday was a gifted clinician with a loyal core team. Her periodontal foundation was very strong with 16% of adults in periodontal maintenance. However, the practice was not properly managing the existing patient base and flow with the result being flat re-care growth and inconsistent restorative production. Team communication was also not at optimal level due to a lack of defined management systems.”

Dr. Liday says Straine has provided her with tools that help her practice run smoothly and more significantly, have improved her communication skills, “Straine’s daily, weekly and monthly tools track our successes and bring attention to our missed opportunities, which have been extremely beneficial. Straine also customized operating policies for my practice that helped me organize my thoughts and brought clarity to my team.  Above all, Straine has given me a better understanding about the different behavioral styles of my patients and team members and how they impact communication and getting things done.  It’s safe to say Straine has kept me in dentistry.  If I had not found Straine, I would not have been able to afford all of the excellent continuing education courses I’ve attended and I very simply would not have continued in the field of dentistry.”

Randy Bird says Dr. Liday’s practice experienced nearly instantaneous practice growth, “Patient flow increased rapidly and steadily requiring us to add hygiene providers. Concurrently, restorative production also increased enabling Dr. Liday to invest in practice upgrades in technology. 2015 was her best production and collections year and 2016 set another practice record. I could not be prouder of the work she has done executing our strategic plan, and especially, her growth as a leader!”

Even though Dr. Liday has improved her leadership skills, she admits to being a work in progress, “I continue to grow every day and my relationships, both professionally and personally, have been impacted in so many positive ways. Randy Bird has provided amazing guidance and is a wonderful person.  I’ve purchased another practice due to our financial growth and I’m so proud that we are able to serve our patients with their health first in mind.”

Kendall Liday, DDS
Healthy Smiles of Scappoose
33640 East Columbia Avenue
Scappoose, Oregon 97056

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