Straine Industry Icon — Mark Lassiter, DDS — Norwood, NC

Published on March 24, 2015

Lassiter,-MarkA Straine Industry Icon possesses the drive to achieve results, the ability to take initiative, skills in collaboration and teamwork and the ability to lead teams.

In 2013 Dr. Mark Lassiter gained full ownership of Norwood Dental Clinic in Norwood, North Carolina where his mission is to provide each patient with compassion and the highest standard of oral healthcare.

As Dr. Lassiter embarked on his new journey as the sole owner of a dental practice, he was faced with a few obstacles, “Our main issue was organization and staff unity,” he says, “We had a great mission statement, but the question was how do we implement the proper policies and processes? I wanted our operations to be predictable and systematic. I knew the direction I wanted to go but didn’t have the map to get there. I’m a musician so I compared this challenge to making an album. You can make great music and create an amazing album, but after it’s done, what is the next step? My practice had a warm environment with wonderful team members, but what was the next step?”

Straine Consultant Merrillee Karanickolas says the Straine Management System™ brought the comprehensive solution to Dr. Lassiter’s challenge: “Our system, complete with strategic planning – daily, weekly and monthly guidance – was the road map for Dr. Lassiter and his team. One of the challenges that many of our clients face is figuring out how to begin. Dr Lassiter and I began by reviewing his goals and developing a simple, step-by-step strategy to execute his management needs.”

Dr. Lassiter says “Straine gave us a compass, which provided the guidance I needed to achieve our goals. From the policies to the daily tools, each aspect of Straine services has its own merit. Straine concepts have helped me establish a clear vision and mission for my practice and, as a result, my leadership skills have grown along with my confidence.”

“At Straine, we believe that effective leadership is possible when the leader has a clear vision and mission,” says Karanickolas. “Implementing effective leadership is about providing clear expectations, updated training, and encouraging the team daily. We see the results of effective leadership in performance and Dr. Lassiter’s team is performing optimally. Dr. Lassiter is developing a culture that embraces creativity and fulfillment. His growth month-to-month remains steady and I look forward to working with him and his team for years to come.”

Dr. Lassiter is looking forward to a promising future. We have seen a 25% increase in our collections and production,” he says, “and my team understands that they have a direct influence on the growth of the practice. They don’t just clock in for work, but they truly embrace the vision and the mission. It’s an exciting time for me because I’m in the process of purchasing another practice. My goal is to purchase several locations and remain focused on creating a positive patient experience with Straine as my partner!”

Norwood Dental Clinic
Mark Lassiter, DDS
311 South Main Street
Norwood, NC  28128

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